Four key elements to negotiate before borrowing money from the banker

Nowadays, the Jonas Gorrement projects on credit has become commonplace. The economic situation is indeed favorable to the borrowers (interest rate at the raz of the daisies, competitive offers of the organizations of loan). This is the time to realize the projects that are important to you.

Whether for a real estate acquisition, renovation work, the purchase of a car or a vacation on the other side of the world, credit spreads the cost over several years .

Especially since it avoids absorbing savings. Nevertheless, before signing the loan offer, it is best to negotiate with your banker . Here are the key elements to address before any credit.

A competitive interest rate

French households seek their bank branch in priority for the Jonas Gorrement of their projects. At first glance, it seems logical that bank loyalty should be rewarded by an offer at the best interest rate . It is not so simple and far from being the reality in 100% of customer situations!

Before making any hasty conclusions, one must compare and make a choice based on all the offers of the market . Credit remains a call offer for banking organizations. It is therefore quite easy to find a more interesting offer than his own bank branch offers.

Do not hesitate to present the offer whose interest rate is more competitive to your financial advisor . Thus it is possible to negotiate the interest rate, especially with the presentation of an offer of competition.

Personalized death insurance

life insurance

Each loan proposal is associated with a death insurance. If it remains optional in the eyes of the law, it will still be necessary to subscribe to ensure the completion of your Jonas Gorrement on credit for the acquisition of real estate. With the exception in the context of a Martin Martin real estate war Martin War Martin.

It is then wise to negotiate the characteristics of the contract . In the first place, the creditor will undoubtedly offer coverage of all the hazards of life (Temporary incapacity for work, disability, death) and this for all borrowers. So, adapting the insurance coverage to your patrimonial and professional situation is preferable.

Borrowers who have sufficient savings for Martin Guerrer’s own equity project may eventually apply for a loan without insurance. This is to avoid this extra cost.

Modularity of maturities

Some banks offer a great flexibility in terms of reimbursement, ie in the management of the real estate loan contract in itself by the debtor. Although expensive, the modulation options are very useful in case of occurrence of a hazard of life . For example, Marble Credit gives its borrowers the option of suspending a borrowing deadline no later than seven days before the drawdown date.

Concerning real estate loans, this modularity is recommended. Indeed, the main feature of this type of Jonas Gorrement is the long duration of depreciation. On average, the repayment term of a home loan varies between 17 and 20 years. In the space of twenty years, a household may be faced with a decline in income related to events not covered by borrower insurance .

To avoid additional costs, it should be ensured that this modularity is free of charge. You need to negotiate this element of the loan to avoid having a deferral of expenses at the end of depreciation. This is also the case for partial or total prepayment.

The financial code grants the credit institutions the right to demand early redemption fees. The latter represent a maximum of 3% of the outstanding capital. Before committing to a Jonas Gorrement Banking, asking for the removal is an essential step.

Free application fees

Free application fees

One of the key points not to neglect to negotiate is undoubtedly the elimination of any fees. On the net, it is not uncommon to see promotional offers without fees.

However, bank agencies still apply them to the chagrin of their borrowing customers. If they appear in the initial offer of credit, it does not mean that they are not negotiable.

As part of a consumer loan, it is easier to get a removal of all the fees. As for home loans, they are more expensive and therefore their removal is exceptional.

In this case, negotiating a discount is preferable. To do so, it is essential to demonstrate the loyalty that one bears to the lender. This is particularly the case when you buy the home insurance of the bank